For some odd reason, I felt the need to write haiku poems and share them here.  I think, haiku is a great way to capture the moment – a thought, an impression, a mood.  Haiku is like a sketch with a few strikes of a brush, conveying an image, but leaving details to the imagination.  I’ll post a few haiku poems here with a tag “haiku” and see how it goes.

The poems do not have titles.  I thought of giving them titles, but then thought that it is silly to give a title for a poem of 17 syllables.

Each poem relates to something I directly see or experience, as a haiku poem should.  I thought of writing a few paragraphs explaining what prompted each poem and what it means to me.  But then, striving to pack an experience into 17 syllables to expand it into few paragraphs doesn’t make sense.  It defeats the idea of making the reader’s imagination fill in the gaps.  Instead of relating to my experience, perhaps, you can relate the poems to your own experience.

Feel free to leave comments.  I’d like to know what experiences or thoughts these poems brought to your mind.